Monday, December 23, 2013

Always Attracted to the Strange

“... being different, being unique ... that afforded me a life, a journey that I am now so thankful for.” 

I love weird stuff. Maybe it's from growing up in a household full of antiques, creepy dolls, and paintings that follow you with their eyes everywhere you go. Maybe it's because "I want attention", or maybe it's just because I'm a self proclaimed non-conformist. Whatever the reason is, I love weird stuff. 

I don't think that always shows through in my art work. Most of my work is pretty generic in my opinion. Animals. We got that, right? But sometimes, I get this lightbulb idea and run with it. "Hmm I mean I could paint a cute fluffy happy looking dog. But no, I'm going to paint this sphinx cat. Because its ugly".

Here is the 3rd painting that I've ever worked on. The 3rd entry into my artistic adventure. I love him. Most of my family and friends who see this painting say that he's ugly. I don't care though. I put a lot of time and energy into him, and I think it shows. 

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